Top 6 Creepiest, Disturbing and Unexplained Radio Transmissions


Every heard of numbers stations? Neither had I! Every time I get myself into an internet K-hole, I tumble down through apparent mysteries, conspiracy theories and totally bizarre videos and before I know it I end up totally terrified and sleeping with my light on.

A numbers station is a type of shortwave radio station characterized by unusual, seemingly random broadcasts, creepy childrens voices, music excerpts, haunting loops of sounds and sometimes even cartoon characters.  If I had accidentally tuned my radio and stumbled across one of these broadcasts with no prior knowledge of them, I may have had an actual heart attack and died right then and there.


They seem to have no purpose other than to scare the living shit out of you, but there are many theories and speculations that these transmissions are codes and secret messages from spies and government agencies.

 There is loads of information on these“numbers stations” around the internet if you feel like investigating.

Apparently, there has even been a moviemade . They are unregistered (which makes them illegal) No government has acknowledged their existence. Many sites are dedicated to decoding and providing information and research on these eerie streams of sounds.

1.The Lincolnshire Poacher

Believed Country of Origin: United Kingdom

2.The Swedish Rhapsody

The Swedish Rhapsody: A Polish numbers station that uses a female child’s voice

3.Counting CIA

Believed Country of Origin: USA

 4. Phonetic Alphabet NATO // Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


5. Gong Station Chimes

Believed Country of Origin: East Germany


Believed Country of Origin: West Germany

Scared yet?? What’s your take on these creepy and disturbing numbers stations?

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