Astrology is so much more than your sun sign- learn about the “primary triad”

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us know our astrological sun sign. At least the name of it! 

 I’ll admit it, whenever I would start to date someone I would look up our sign compatibility. It seemed there was some truth to astrology but I didn’t read horoscopes or any collect books. I can remember having a conversation with a friend about our “signs” and she asked me what my moon sign was. Say what? That was a little too out there for me. She offered to find out for me but I politely declined and that was that. I wasn’t being rude! I just didn’t care and it seemed wayyyyyyyy too hippie nonsense for me. 

The reality was that I thought I knew what astrology was but I actually had no idea. I was misinformed and uneducated. I’ll admit it. I thought astrology was sun signs and horoscopes. I know many people who either don’t relate at all to their sun sign, or think the descriptions of the signs are too vague to back up any real truth. Not only that, but many people who relate to their sign also relate to the characteristics of the other signs. Kind of takes the magic out of it, no?


There are so many important factors in astrology. I kid you not I had a spiritual experience when I had my natal chart read. The chart is a picture of the sky at the exact moment you were born. It’s like a blueprint of your soul. It’s specific to you and you only unlike identifying with a single sun sign. It gave me an incredible amount of insight on how I tick, inside and out. I’ve been studying it for a year now so I’ll have to try and keep this as simple and as brief as I can without getting too ahead of myself! 

If you want to learn something new today the link below gives a good definition and explanation of astrology

The Primary Triad

The three most important parts- the first thing I look at when reading someones natal chart, is the “triad

Simply put the Triad consists of and represents these 3 things:


The Sun

  • The outer personality
  • Conscious mind
  • Will to live
  • Creative life force
  • Basic summary of self


The Moon

  • your inner self
  • how you see yourself
  • emotional self
  • instinctual self
  • gives insight to the way you love and feel
  • governs your moods
  • It is the unguarded you, the you only those closest to you know. It is your subconscious.


The Rising

  • outward expression of personality
  • the way in which a person interacts with the external world
  • public persona or mask
  • how an individual is likely to be perceived by others
  • can influence your physical characteristics and mannerisms

Ever notice how when you first meet someone you seem to act a little different before you feel comfortable to let part of your guard down? That is your rising sign. It is often called the mask we wear. Don’t confuse this with being fake. This is a very real part of everyone’s personality.

 Once we get to know someone and we are feeling comfortable enough to be ourselves, the sun sign comes out. Most of our closer friends see this part of ourselves. 

What about the way we see ourselves? The parts that sometimes cant be explained to other people. How we feel inside. That is our moon sign. The people who are the closest to us, maybe a partner or best friend, get to see this part of us.

If you know your exact birth time, you can find out what your moon sign is here and your rising sign here


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