Looking Deeper into Astrology – The Planets

Natal astrology observes that the positions of the planets at the moment of your birth indicate the style in which each planet’s component is manifested in your life. As I mentioned in a previous post, having my natal chart read changed my life. It marked the beginning of my spiritual journey. I could no longer deny that there was something bigger, something beautiful at work. 


My natal chart is shown to the left. It looks confusing, I know. When I first began studying astrology I felt like my head was going to fall right off. It’s not as bad as you might think and there is an 

unlimited amount of information and tools online to help you learn. 


I’ve basically exposed myself to anyone who knows how to read astrology already. That wheel is more than just a picture. It’s a picture of who I am and how I operate at the deepest level.


The reason I fell in love with the language of astrology is because it has allowed me to look at parts of myself I was unable to see. The good and the not so good. 


Nothing is set in stone. The natal chart is not an excuse for behaviors. It’s a wonderful tool for understanding who we are, why we experience certain things in a certain way, and how to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

If you haven’t already, get your free natal chart drawing here. It’s important that you use your exact birth time. If you guess there is a good chance the chart will be inaccurate. Look for your birth chart for the time

Basic astrology takes four things into account:

  1. The planets (including the Sun and the Moon)
  2. The zodiac signs which the planets are in
  3. The Houses
  4. Aspects 

In this post we will be exploring the planets, their symbols, and what they represent. Each planet symbolizes a different component of life, a different type of energy. In psychological terms, we can call them “needs” or “drives.”


  • will or life force
  • conscious, extroverted part of us
  • life energy
  • ego 
  • self-esteem
  • clues to the image of the father and men in general, as well as the type of relationship with them


  • emotional side of your existence
  • how we see ourselves
  • our soul
  • character traits
  • feelings
  • personal responses
  • common for people to relate to their Moon Sign qualities far more than their Sun Sign


  • concretely intellectual part of personality
  • functioning mind
  • communication
  • day to day activity of the intellect
  • short-distance 
  • communications
  • learning
  • Speaking, writing, books, online communications
  • This planet implores us to express ourselves 

  • ability at relating to others
  • nature of our desire.
  • the type of people we are attracted to
  • nature of our sense of attraction
  • close partnerships
  • marriage
  • how we spend our money
  • types of gifts we buy
  • areas of life we seek to balance, refine, and derive pleasure from


  • animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival
  • Our sexual desires
  • basic body attraction
  • nature of our energy flow.
  • assertiveness
  • energetic
  • forceful


  • represent major turning points in our life
  • limitation 
  • boundaries
  • responsibilities
  • commitments
  • need for self-control
  • associated with our fathers or father/authority figures
  • Saturn’s lessons actually help us to grow.

  • good luck and bounty.
  • Optimism and growth (including mental and spiritual growth)
  • sense of humor
  • good will
  • how we express our generosity and tolerance
  •  trusting others and improving our lives
  • seeks insight through knowledge
  • broader purpose

  • deep (and often hidden) force
  • changes and transformations
  • subconscious forces
  • renewal and rebirth
  • endings and new beginnings
  • spiritual growth and rebirth
  • obsessive desire for power and control
  • search for truths and deeper meaning


  • process of  individuation
  • independence, or eccentricity
  • forward-looking
  • balks at tradition
  • originality and individuality
  • all that is progressive
  • enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity,ingenuity
  • rebelliousness without a cause
  • irresponsibility.

  • spiritual or mystical side of ourselves
  • illusions
  • vagueness
  • wooley thinking
  • use of drugs such as alcohol
  • inspiration
  • dreams, psychic receptivity
  • illusion
  • confusion.
  • addiction.

  • our deepest wound, and our efforts to heal the wound
  • where we have healing powers as the result of our own deep spiritual wounds


This was a very basic list of the planets’ meanings. As you explore and learn you will gain so much more insight to the energies that they bring in our lives. Each of use has every single planet in our natal charts.  

As I continue on with this astrological series I will explain how to understand what each planets’ placement means. I will talk about the 12 houses and what the represent and what it all EVEN MEANS!!! 


I posted the link above, but I’ll post it here again.


 It’s a free site where you can get your natal chart drawn. They have a lot of free computer generated interpretations, too. If you have any questions for me please feel free to comment below! I would be so happy to help. I could talk about astrology 24 hours a day if I was allowed.


Stay tuned for part 2 – The Signs of the Zodiac



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