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In my last post, I talked about the planets and how they represent different aspects of each persons psyche.

Read about the planets here

Now we get to take a quick look at the houses in an astrology chart. Each of the twelve houses of a chart rule certain areas of life, types of people and relationships, ideas, and life circumstances.




The first house of the zodiac or the horoscope is the foundation of the personality. It represents the self, the mask, the way we are viewed in the world. The ruling planet reflects our basic drive and is as important if not more important than the Sun sign itself.

To determine the rising sign a correct horoscope needs to be mapped and this is based upon such things as your date, time and location of birth. The rising sign or ascendant as it is alternatively referred to determines the condition of your body, how you look, your complexion and general personality. Read more…



The second house reflects both our inner and outer resources and the way in which we use these resources to deal with life’s ups and downs. It is through this that our sense of self worth, self esteem and resilience is developed. The second house also has a considerable influence on our values, ethics and standards. While some of us may identify with what we own and others with what we are, we are always attracted to what we value – seeing the second house emerge as having a strong role in how our values are shaped. The house is most commonly associated with both inner and outer talents, money, personal values, the desire to establish self worth and our assets.Read more…



The third house represents transition, change and adaptation. It is through this house that we are challenged and encouraged to come to terms with our personal experiences and use them to better understand the world at large. Emotions and communication is amplified within the third house, with the idea of community playing an integral role in what the third house represents. “Community” means neighbors, siblings, short journeys, letters, education, dexterity, research and all kinds of communication. Read more…



The fourth house represents the challenges faced in developing your capacity for emotional closeness and a sense of security. Cancer influences any planet within the fourth house, marking a domestic influence. It is through this domestic influence that the house is seen as describing both your home, family and the kind of environment that makes you feel most comfortable. Read more…


The fifth house represents creativity and self esteem, allowing for us to find a greater joy in living. Leo’s influence covets expression of all types, challenging us to chase after all kinds of pleasure with a strong vigor. It represents our desires in love and the way we extend and release our energies and emotions, forming our path of self expression. The fifth house influences our inner child, love affairs, play and amusement and any kind of drama within our life. Read more…



The sixth house represents our ability to deal with change and adjustment, challenging us to seek competence and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Virgo’s influence sees the house positioned around duties and health, with Planets placed here compelling us to perform tasks and deal with health issues in a particular way. The sixth house represents the last stage in our personal development, and for that reason is particularly important. Read more…



The Seventh House has a particularly strong emphasis on our social side, focusing on putting the energies we put into the first house back into ourselves. The seventh house aims to bring about greater self awareness of our personal identity, seeing us seek projected parts of ourselves in our most intimate relationships. Read more…



The Eighth House influences our sense of purpose and levelheadedness, challenging us to break down our reality structure into smaller pieces and then reassemble it into a greater whole. The house represents where all the greater “taboos” of society exist and how we can transform our internal garbage into hidden treasures that allow us to further develop and grow. The house is also representative of our sexual desires, how our body and mind are regenerated and the way in which we handle our financial resources. Read more…



The Ninth house allows for us to broaden our philosophical horizons and to realize and come to terms with our highest potentials. The influence of Sagittarius sees a strong interest in travel, other cultures and learning. The Ninth house is where we search for truth through experiences that form our philosophy of life and extend our spiritual thoughts to a place they have never been before. Read more…



The Tenth house challenges us to earn respect and recognition in the world at large, making it known as the house of social status and success. Capricorn is strongly influential in its personification of the ever climbing goat. The house represents our motivation and capacity to make vast contributions to the outside world, establishing our social image. Read more…



The Eleventh house encourages us to develop strong relationships with our community and establish a group consciousness, seeing it emerge as the house of friendships. The house influences our influence in clubs, groups, hobbies and organizations.

The Eleventh House plays an integral role in defining our identity and sense of self in a group situation, ruling our social circle. It defines the way we change our behavior to get along with more than one person in a time, and indicates the friends that we are attracted to and are attracted to us. Read more…



The Twelfth house represents the way we explore and deal with our inner depths in solitude and silence, marking a difference between spiritual growth and escapism. It is through this house that we transcend through the definitions of reality that confine us, creating a desire to move through and beyond what may be causing pain within our lives. Planets in the Twelfth house have a subtle, rather than a strong, influence, with the house working on a subconscious level of our mind. Read more..


The next post will cover the signs of the zodiac…

Detailed house descriptions at

Ali Kiddo



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